Multi-family Residential

Mixed-Use Residential Developments

Uptown Broadway

This is one of two mixed-use residential development which dominates North Boulder. Located on 10 acres it reflects the current view of "New Urbanism." It consists of 11 buildings with a total of 148 residential units, enclosing a total of 276,000 square feet. The 36,000 square feet of retail space is spread among 4 of the buildings. There is underground parking beneath.

Main Street North

This is the other development which currently dominates North Boulder. It encloses a total of 51,000 square feet. The project consists of 6 buildings with underground parking. We have designed the T.I. for most of the retail spaces, including restaurants, coffee shops, retail shops and offices.

Railyard Lofts

We helped resurrect a classic red brick, 100-year-old warehouse/industrial building into condominiums along the tracks near Coors field. This type of project is true recycling: Giving another hundred years of life to a building that would have gone to the landfill.

Juan Diego

We were the engineers for this low income, transitional housing project on three floors near downtown Denver. Unique configurations involving shared kitchen/commons areas among 2-3 bedrooms. Low income required ingenuity to create low cost systems which are simple, effective, and low maintenance.

Stanley Hotel (Estes Park, CO)

Jerry had a fascinating opportunity in the late '70s to document the original systems, then design new MEP systems throughout. Starting with the replacement of a boiler which looked like a steam locomotive (without the wheels), exposed electrical switches which had copper pipes to replace the fuses (they were cheap and never blew), and a breathtaking appreciation of being a part of history, this was a project which made him ask: "It works today, but will it work tomorrow?"